Top Five Air Powered Vehicles Launched By TATA Motors And MDI

Top Five Air Powered Vehicles Launched By TATA Motors And MDI
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Many companies are investing money in large amount for research and development of the advanced idea of Car Powered by Air.  The need for this type of engine has become very important with the increase of rates of fuel. While there are many prototypes made by various companies by modifications in the engine or by using compressed air technology to power the engine. The main companies involved for research of the technology is Motor Development International (MDI), TATA Motors, Engineair, Peugeot/Citroën and APUQ.

1) Magnetic Air Car


Magnetic Air Car
Magnetic Air Car


San Jose Club Auto Sport in Calif has claimed to be in the development of Magnetic Air car. This car will be for those who love to drive Sportscar and at the same time want to be in favour of the environment. Not want to be on the list of people emitting Carbon.

The prototype of the vehicle has been launched by the developers. It was set to be launched in 2010. However, still company has not made any public decision on its launch. The mechanism of the engine was instead using the regular piston-powered like in maximum pneumatic vehicles, the developers plan to use magnetic technology to generate energy for the car. They are developing magnets that can power engine using air technology as well. According to our sources,  the automobile will use silicon salt batteries. This Silicon Salt battery will have 30% more efficient than a lead-acid battery. This batteries are 96% recyclable and also charges within an hour. Unlike gas and electric powered vehicles that don’t carry out nicely in cold temperatures, so companies are even testing on its proper functioning. They had stated in their website in 2006 that they will launch the model in 2010. However, they got their patent for the technology they working on, in March of 2011. Maybe this might be the reason for their delayed launch.

Read our full detailed guide on Magnetic Air Car.

2) Energine PHEV

plug-in hybrid electric vehicle(PHEV)
PHEV car

This concept was developed by a Korean Company Energine Corporations. The company was granted a patent on their concept in the US. However, as I checked their patent’s information related to it, found that company’s official website is not working now and also not launched the model as promised, after the release of the prototype. Maybe the company changed its name or renamed it. However, in 2013-14 Mitsubishi came out with the same concept. So don’t you think they might have sold their patents to them?

So, as per the prototypes and patents writing further details on it just for YOU. These cars are interesting in appearance using the advanced compressed air technology.

This PHEV technology was supposed to use two power systems in the engine for its functioning :

  • First Air-Powered Engines for acceleration
  • Electrical drivetrain kicks in it to hold its cruising

The basic model’s prototype was supposed to maintain a speed of  120 km per hour. But next launches was supposed to do better. This car may have only one way for exhausting, i.e. in form of cold air. This could also be used for conditioning temperature inside the vehicle. CEO of Energine, Cheol-Seung Cho, has said the problem is a “combination of lack of political will in international locations where authorities aren’t always willing to dissatisfied the large automotive companies, a loss of financial support, and the absence of the infrastructure to support the era.”

3) MDI/Tata Motor CityCAT And MiniCAT

mdi vehicles
air powered cars

This vehicle is developed in a buggy style. And it may not be the one for speed lovers but will surely for you. If you love won’t be attractive to severe speed demons or muscle vehicle lovers. The Indian Company TATA Motors and MDI both have signed under the development of compressed air technology. However, MDI had planned to launch many new and better version soon in 2020. The two models are MiniCAT and CityCAT.

Tata Motors said one model of the Air Car, “the MiniCat,” might retail for about $8,177. The MiniCat’s fuel variety turned into anticipated to be about 186 miles, and a fill-up became expected to cost about $2.

The CityCAT model(where CAT means Compressed Air Technology) consists of a four-door and also sliding door van style automobiles that are already being developed in India and will be to be had for future U.S. Production. While according to media it will launch in 2020. It is sure that it will be very popular in Countries like India and China. The company on its blog said that it will reach 100+ miles at about 95 MPH. There are tests going on various safety procedures in Europe. In 2007, India’s manufacturer Tata Motors dealed about the selling rights from French-based MDI to build their personal brand of Air Cars.



It was 2008 when the first time people saw this OneCAT in New York Auto Show. It is styled in such a way that it can win over the Mini and Smart Car owners. It is a tiny yet very useful automobile. The tested version is powered handiest by means of the compressed air, and also in a version to be able to use fuel together with the compressed air. The dual model technology can be used with petrol, diesel, biodiesel, alcohol, and even vegetable oils. The OneCat information on Wikipedia is not predicted by the release date.

5) MDI Air Pod

MDI TATA air-pod
TATA air-pod

CEO and manufacturer Guy Negre of Motor Development International has been in development of the technology from more than 17 years. In the official website of MDI they also have written about the procedures there are working on. No final release date is finalised. They are working in the United States, as MDI has partnered with Zero Pollution Technologies. According to rumors, it will start to sell this Air-pod for $6000.

So, hope YOU too are interested in the launch of this future technologies like me. Surely these modern vehicles powered with compressed air will totally revolutionise our world. Be sure you subscribe to us, so whenever these motors are launched you can get information at your box. And yeahh, its free!!



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